The Gale Hotel began as the Escape Hotel

Built in 1948, the Escape Hotel was the first bona fide resort in Fort Lauderdale Beach. Its Olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis courts, pitch-and-putt golf course, exotic theme dining and proximity to the beach, all came together to create a worthy destination for Americans on holiday. Soon thereafter, other small hotels and apartments were developed on the surrounding blocks, giving the neighborhood its intimate scale and distinctive architecture with a mid-century modern style.

Although the beachfront properties along A1A were eventually demolished to make way for the larger-scale luxury resorts characteristic of this century, the rest of the village was spared from the wrecking-ball long enough to have its historic value recognized and protected.

In keeping with its reputation

for being avant-garde, as well as, the importance of the historic influence it has had on the development of Fort Lauderdale Beach, the Escape Hotel will be fully restored, modernized, and resurrected as the luxurious Gale Boutique Hotel, once again bringing life to the surrounding village.

Additionally, a new condominium tower will stand adjacent to the hotel, featuring 128 residences intelligently designed to reveal an idyllic lifestyle.